1)    First chartered by the Grand Lodge of Colorado on February 1,1870, the first stated communication for Laramie Lodge Under Dispensation was on February 11, 1870. (Lodges under dispensation have to meet a number of requirements before they may be chartered.) The charter for Laramie Lodge #18 was granted on September 28, 1870 and the installation of officers took place on October 4, 1870.

2)    Cheyenne Lodge #16 was chartered in October 1868 by the Grand Lodge of Colorado; the South Pass City’s Wyoming Lodge #28 was chartered in December 1869 by the Grand Lodge of Nebraska; and the Evanston Lodge #24 was chartered in December 1874 by the Grand Lodge of Colorado.

3)    On December 15, 1874 the four lodges met in Laramie to join forces and form the Grand Lodge of Wyoming. The meeting was organized by the Cheyenne and Laramie Masons with representation of the other lodges. New charters were issued with Cheyenne #1, Wyoming (South Pass) #2, Laramie #3 and Evanston #4.

4)    A petition for a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons was made on February 22, 1877, a dispensation was granted on March 15 authorizing the organization of Lebanon Chapter #3. A charter was granted on August 24, 1877 by the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. A new charter was issued by the newly organized Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Wyoming in 1909.

5)    Immanuel Commandery #3 Knights Templar was chartered by the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the USA on September 23, 1886.

6)    Alpha Chapter #1 Order of Eastern Star was chartered April 3, 1896 by the General Grand Chapter of OES and Snowy Range Chapter #45 OES was chartered by the Grand Chapter of OES of Wyoming August 31, 1939. #1 consolidated with #45 in the not too distant past.

7)    The current building was dedicated on June 24, 1912.

8)    In1949 the Grand Lodge of Wyoming met in Laramie…at the time there were 50 lodges in the state with a membership of 10,672.

9)    In 1952 total membership of Laramie #3 was 768; shortly thereafter Gem City #52 was chartered with 90 signatures on the petition for dispensation to form a lodge. Sojourners (Masons from other jurisdictions residing in the Laramie #3 jurisdiction) and members of Laramie #3 signed the petition…23 from #3, 45 from other Wyoming jurisdictions, and 22 signatures of sojourners from Nebraska, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, California, South Dakota, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Utah and the Philippines. Dispensation was issued March 18, 1953 and a charter granted August 25, 1953. Gem City Lodge #52 consolidated with Laramie Lodge #3 on April 30, 2005 bringing total membership of Laramie Lodge #3 to 220.

10) The Masonic Temple was also, for many years, the home of chapters of DeMolay for boys and young men and Jobs Daughters for girls and young women. The youth groups dissolved as demands on their time and other leadership opportunities have become available to them.

11) For Master Masons there are a number of avenues for further study and participation in Freemasonry: the York Rite, the Scottish Rite, the Shrine, the York Rite College, and a number of honorary bodies, many of which have limited membership.

12) The lodges, Rites and Shrines support philanthropic entities that research or provide treatment for health issues that affect young and old.


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